Letter from the editor: Voices is finally here


Iowa State students participated in the Voices campaign in the spring 2016 semester. 

Emily Barske

Each person on campus has a unique perspective to add to the conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion. Voices, which started in 2016 and officially expands today, is the Daily’s effort to capture those perspectives.

Through Voices, the Iowa State Daily seeks to facilitate civil discourse and build awareness about diversity and inclusivity on Iowa State’s campus. The project will consist of a community-driven website (now live at www.iowastatevoices.com) and in person discussions. These are places to share, listen, educate, learn and inspire. It is a place to tell stories of what makes us different, yet similar, in our experiences, in our values and in our beliefs.

Our conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion focuses on how we identify – whether that be race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, political views, religious views or age. We recognize that how we identify isn’t always how we are perceived. And in some cases assumptions are made about us simply because of how we identify.

This is just some of what we want to discuss in Voices. We also recognize that there sometimes is a perspective that majority communities don’t have a perspective to offer, but we want to be clear that all identities are necessary for respectfully furthering inclusion efforts. 

We need you to participate

Our Voices project is meant to be about the community, for the community and by the community. While the Daily continues to tell the stories of diversity in our community, we are asking that you all submit your own pieces. If you are interested, but aren’t sure what to write about, here are some suggestions:

  • How do your various identities affect your experience at Iowa State?

  • In what ways is the national conversation about diversity and inclusion impacting you?

  • What efforts can the university community take to better improve campus climate?

  • What are some examples you’ve seen of making campus more inclusive that others should know about?

  • Are there any inclusion-related struggles that you or a group you are a part of want to seek advice about?

You can find a submission form at bottom of the website (www.iowastatevoices.com). I’m also happy to discuss an idea you have for a piece or help you get started on it.

It takes all of us

The success of this project and the impact it can have in our community starts with you. This conversation requires people of all perspectives to speak up and also to listen.

We hope to set the precedent for future students and Iowa State community members that this campus is a place to challenge your thoughts while respecting others’ beliefs and backgrounds.

Have questions? Email [email protected] or you can reach out to me directly at ([email protected]).