Hays: Recognize the dedication of the Cyclone Varsity Marching Band

One of the trumpet players leaving it all on the field at practice.

Sarah Hays

For the Cyclone Varsity Marching Band, dedication is crucial. Every day and every night, the marching band is strengthening their skills in some way, shape or form. With practice all week and Saturdays lost to performances, band members must be committed and talented in order to be the amazing band that they are today, and students across campus should recognize the commitment put forth.

As assumed after seeing any performance, big or small, of the Cyclone Varsity Marching Band, some of the highest honors have been passed down to them. For example, Iowa State University’s Varsity Marching Band currently holds, for the second year, the Sudler Trophy, a biannual trophy presented to one collegiate band in the nation that contains the highest level of musical excellence.

The amount of time that members proudly devote to the marching band has resulted in multiple awards, outstanding relationships, life-long memories and creating flawless, passionate performances.

With free time being virtually non-existent to a Cyclone Marching Band member, learning time management and organizational skills are a must.

“We devote a large portion of our week at band, whether it be rehearsals or dinner,” Ellen Justis, senior in music and member of the Cyclone Varsity Marching Band.

Because members of the marching band spend more time with one another than with anyone else, they form friendships and relationships closer than some can even fathom. Here at Iowa State University, the marching band is a family. While this particular band is rather large, with 322 members, the qualities of a family are unmistakable.

“Reach out to anyone in the band and they will lend you a hand,” Elena Foster, senior drum major, said.

“We welcome anyone into band because we are a family,” Justis said.

Marching band is so much more than bus rides, sheet music and pictures on a field. Marching band is finishing practice at 11 p.m. and waking up at 6 a.m. to practice more. It is taking quizzes on a bus ride due to missing class to perform. Marching band is coming together and feeling united as a family.

With remarkable relations and even more exceptional commitment, it’s no wonder that the Cyclone Varsity Marching Band is as accomplished as they are today. More members of the university as a whole need to be aware of the dedication and achievements of this band and respect all of their hard work.