Editorial: Why we cover white nationalism and white supremacy


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Editorial Board

This week, white nationalist stickers were found illegally posted in Richardson Court as well as on school board candidate Monic Behnken’s campaign posters around Ames. 

These stickers seemed to be a recruitment strategy, as they led students to a white nationalist website called “The Right Stuff” which is the home of a neo-Nazi forum with connections to the riots in Charlottesville and other race-related riots and terrorist attacks. 

The editorial board is writing this editorial to inform Daily readers that with our responsibility to report on these incidents, we also understand that their message is being spread. We by no means support the work of these anonymous white nationalists who are implying white supremacist messaging. 

The anonymous groups behind these incidents thrive on attention. The phrase “no publicity is bad publicity” applies directly to this situation. The more coverage and attention these groups get, the stronger they grow. 

However, it is important for the Daily to cover these incidents in order to inform our readers with accurate information on what is happening and what it means. It is also important to cover because the community can’t condemn these groups or situations if we don’t know what is happening.  

As a paper, we also believe that the fact that these groups remain anonymous shows that they are cowardly and know that what they are fighting for and representing is wrong.

Being proud of your white heritage – where you come from or even being proud of the fact that you’re white isn’t wrong. But when your pride for your own heritage or race starts to threaten another group of people, that’s when it turns racist and Iowa State is no place for racists. 

For those who believe that it’s limiting these white nationalists’ rights to free speech by taking down the stickers or posters, they were taken down because they were posted illegally, not because of the message they portrayed.

If you find more of these stickers, posters or any other propaganda in an unsanctioned area of Iowa State, please contact ISU Police in order to have them removed.