Cyclones’ softball opens up fall season with a win against DMACC

Iowa State freshman Talyn Lewis fouls a ball while batting against Iowa Central.

Whitney Mason

Jamie Pinkerton’s return to Iowa State softball in a new position was a successful one. Pinkerton previously was an assistant coach for the team for four years from 2009 to 2013, before leaving the program to start up and head the softball program at the University of Montana.

The team opened their fall schedule with a 8-3 win against DMACC in a nine-inning scrimmage Sunday.

“This team is learning everyday and coming out they’re like sponges,” Pinkerton said of his team and their quick abilities to learn.

Pinkerton said that his new team is similar his old team such as athletic abilities, speed, and both had power pitchers. Pinkerton also said that the Cyclones had more speed and depth then his University of Montana team.

“Definitely in the way they play, in the style of play, they are similar,” Pinkerton said.

Returning back to Iowa State for Pinkerton, he said has been a seamless transition for him. Pinkerton praised the coaching staff, administration and players for being welcoming and helpful with the transition.

“We’re trying provide some stability for them[the team],” Pinkerton said. “Obviously we’re their third coaching staff in three years, so we’re trying to present a comfort level to our players and things have been great.”

For players, the comfort level seems to be a great level to start off the season.

Senior Kaila Konz said her relationship with her new head coach was a relaxed one.

“[Pinkerton] always says he has our backs and it’s really nice to have that,” Konz said.

Konz said that Pinkerton tells his team that while he seems intense during the games, he has their interests first and he wants for his players to do well.

“If he gets on us we know that he’s doing that because he cares,” Konz said.

Konz said that Pinkerton is a mix between her previous two coaches, but Pinkerton makes it known to Konz and her teammates that he is there for them.

“He really has our backs and it’s really nice,” Konz said.

Sophomore Sami Williams agreed with her teammate about her newly developed relationship with their new head coach.

“He definitely makes sure we know how he cares, that he’s there for us and that during a game he’s going to be on us for things that we make mistakes on or if we’re not focused,” Williams said. “At the ends of the day we know he cares and he wants the best for us.”

Williams said that with Pinkerton she noticed more of a family feel than her previous coach.

“We know that it’s business on the field, but off the field we’re still going to be friends and he’s not going to hold grudges against us,” Williams said.

Williams also noticed the family feel among her team’s chemistry with one another.

“I definitely feel that we’re all there for one another,” Williams said. “We talk a lot on the field and we know each other and how to pick each other up. It’s nice knowing that if we make a mistake, teammates aren’t going to be like all mad at you for making a mistake.”

Konz said that the team’s chemistry during the game was well even with the team only playing with one another in a few practices prior to Sunday’s game.

“We came out very hard, which is what we talked about in practice,” Konz said. “I think the way we came out and played together was really well.”

Konz said that the team came out strong and in a good way to kick off the fall scrimmage season and hopes to continue their momentum and even improve once the spring season comes around.

Konz hoped to improve in not just in team chemistry but also pitching, hitting and fielding.

Konz hoped improve herself for her team and help assist in scoring.

“I want to win for my team,” Konz said.

The Cyclones are on field again Saturday at the Cyclone Sports Complex at 10:30 a.m. against Kirkwood as well as 3:30 p.m. against MidAmerica Nazarene.