White nationalist stickers found in Richardson Court


flier horizontal

K. Rambo

The Daily received reports of white nationalist fliers being posted on campus on Sept. 5, 2017, with at least one being confirmed by Iowa State University Police.

The flier, which was on a sign at Birch Hall, is being removed by ISU Police because it was not posted in an approved location. Because the flier was illegally adhered to ISU property, the incident is being investigated as an act of criminal mischief, according to ISU Police Chief Michael Newton.

Chief Newton said ISU Police are reviewing footage from cameras in the area in an attempt to identify the perpetrator. Newton also indicated that if there were additional fliers posted, they were unaware of them.

“If they were there, someone else removed them,” said Newton.

Chief Newton asked that anyone who notices additional fliers in unsanctioned areas to contact ISU Police so they can be removed.

The fliers directed students to a website aimed at uniting white nationalist students at Iowa State.

“A Right to Exist”, which according to domain records was created in February 2017, is registered to John Holawitz in Denver, Colorado. A neo-Nazi website, “Purity Spiral,” is also registered to the same John Holawitz and the site directed at Iowa State students is listed as belonging to the neo-Nazi organization “Purity Spiral.”

The website encourages white Iowa State students to “stand up for their heritage,” and includes an embedded video discussing the white nationalist talking-point claiming that diversity initiatives are an attempt to achieve “white genocide.”

Sections of the website advocate for ethnocentrism and the creation of a White Student Union. Also laid out are criteria for membership including attendance at Iowa State and health because they “do a lot of physical activities.” 

The apparent goal of the website is to have students interested in white nationalism fill out a contact form to join the group.