Women’s basketball club prepares for another season


Yao Liu/Iowa State Daily

New girls are doing confront practice in the tryouts.

Yao Liu

Iowa State women’s basketball club started its tryouts for the new semester a couple weeks ago. Natalie Vance, the current president in the women’s basketball club, led 16 new players in their first practice.

They divided the tryouts into three steps: warmup, shooting and group competition.

The current members also joined in the practice and observed the performance of every player. In the second tryout, these new players were divided into two teams to compete.

Finally, the president and other team members selected the most talented players for their club by voting. Six new members were added for the fall semester.

Playing for fun

Thirteen players are in the women’s basketball club, where they practice every Monday and Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m.

Their goals are not only for competing against other schools, but having fun in the process of practicing. About 30 to 40 girls tryout for the club every year and the president and other members analyze what position they should be in.

“Most people in our team have played basketball before,” Vance said. “So everybody knows how to do in these situation.”

For the new girls in the club, most players help them with familiarizing the new players with the team expectations.

Players practice by themselves and sometimes they compete with a variety of players in Lied gym. It naturally shapes a comfortable environment for all players to enjoy the games.

Last season, the team traveled to University of Wisconsin-Madison in October. They competed against teams from Colorado, Wisconsin and Illinois.

“Definitely, we hope to take two teams to the regionals for sure,” said Mikala Maiers, the former president in the women’s basketball club. “We are only able to take one because we do not have enough girls. So, for the future, I hope two teams for tournaments, just like, make the club grow.”

Besides, they need more leadership. The president had been responsible for all parts of the club, including organizing, traveling and even coaching. Now, Maiers is stepping down as president of the women’s club team, but helping with some aspects of it.

As a three-year former president, she still wanted more people who could help them manage the club better and make this group grow.

Now the new president, Vance, is taking over the job from Maiers. They are more willing to keep more female players and divide them into two teams.

“Hopefully this year, maybe next year, we can have two teams traveling,” Vance said. “And we are twice competitive.”