Classmate friendly snacks to try this year

Maggie Curry

You’re looking at your schedule, and you realize that you need something quick and quiet to eat between classes — something that won’t make a mess and won’t have your classmates thinking of you as “noisy chip girl” all semester.

There are many ways to bother your classmates — smell, noise, even allergies are all things to consider. Here are some snacks to keep your brain going and your neighbors happy.

Dried fruit

It’s healthy, mess-free and saves space compared to the non-dried versions. Eating an apple in class is messy, with juice and apple cores to deal with — not to mention chomping noises. Dried apple slices eliminate those problems, and the same can be said for other dried fruits. Dried banana slices can usually be found in campus c-stores or cafés in a pinch.


Finger sandwiches

A ham and cheese sandwich cut into four smaller sandwiches allows for more substance in bite-size form. Ingredients to avoid include lettuce (crunchy), tomato (juicy) and peanut butter (food allergies). Try different cheeses and deli meats for a new combination each time.


Kid’s trail mix

We’re all adults here. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy goldfish, raisins, M&Ms, teddy grahams and pretzel sticks mixed together in a bag. While some of the snacks are a little crunchy, smaller mouthfuls won’t bother your neighbors if they’re nut-free.


Cheese sticks or Yogurt

Cheese sticks open quietly, can be bitten or torn into strips, and can be picked up in cafés or food courts around campus. Yogurt requires a spoon but is still quiet, relatively mess-free, and granola can be added for more substance. Both snacks are filling and healthy.


S’more snack mix

For something very sweet, try a s’more-inspired snack mix. Teddy grahams, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips are the standard mix, but various flavors of all three allow for personal experimentation.