University Museums to showcase Faces of Iowa State


Artist Rose Frantzen likes to speak to her subjects about their past lives. Warren Kuhn shared a lot about his time in the war, and his time in New York.


Returning to Iowa State for some can be a nostalgic experience. Whether you’re returning for your sophomore year, or visiting years after graduation, elements of campus can seem extremely familiar. And a certain part of Iowa State is about to seem much more familiar for a certain group of people.

University Museums will be featuring Faces of Iowa State: A Portrait Series by Rose Frantzen at Brunnier Art Museum running from Aug. 21 – Dec. 8. 

After an overwhelming amount of praise at the Iowa State Fair, Faces has turned into a touring exhibit, with six total locations this fall, including in Ames.

All 39 portraits were painted by Maquoketa, IA, artist Rose Frantzen. From presidents to alumni, Faces attempts to capture everything and everyone that makes Iowa State University what it is today, and that means representing people from all stages and tiers of the Iowa State family.

“The focus of Faces of Iowa State is to celebrate not only the tradition and the impact of portraiture at ISU, but also show the development of ISU as a story of democracy where the vision, dreams and actions of individual people play a vital role in how our collective identity is shaped,” said the exhibit’s official description.

Admission to the exhibit is free, and more information can be found at the University Museums website.