Summer is for Supergoop


Olivia Hanson

Supergoop setting spray at Sephora in North Grand Mall.

, Livhanson95

The summer sun and heat will require caring for skin a little extra. Our first and foremost thought is to prevent sunburns from happening. Bur for those that don’t want to let the sun stop them from wearing their makeup, Supergoop seems to be a great way to not let your makeup be melted off while sweating and having fun in the sun. Sephora employee, Nolan Sturlis, shares his product expertise on taking care of your skin in the sun.

“Supergoop is like super into sunscreen and the prevention of keeping your skin safe, which is great for the summer,” Sturlis said.

According to Sturlis, Supergoop Setting Mist is a setting spray with a built in SPF 50, and also helps to keep your skin from looking oily and greasy. It’s a matte setting spray, which means that it won’t appear to look shiny.

This spray allows users to be able to continue their regular makeup routine and apply SPR and setting spray after, instead of trying to use SPF lotion before, after or not at all.

The spray also has a rosemary and mint smell that can continually be re-applied for more protection. The suggested timeframe to reapply in is every two hours.

The spray comes in two compact sizes. 1 oz. for $12 or 3.4 ounces for $28. So they are small enough to fit in a purse and taken anywhere.

The Supergoop spray is also cruelty free and doesn’t use any synthetic fragrances.

“It’s a setting spray that has built in SPF in it, which is super awesome. This is one of my favorites, which I love pointing people to for the summer.  Because it’s a setting spray that has SPF 30 with it. So it’s so easy to keep re-applying. It refreshes your makeup, it sets it, it gives you that protection,” Sturlis said.

Another sun-protection product from Supergoop is the Perk Up! Lip and Cheek Treatment. The texture of the treat is a balm that can be easily applied by using your finger to apply it to your lips and cheeks. It has an SPF of 40 to protect them as well. It has different colors of tints, such as red, for a hint of color where needed.

“So you can use it as blush or use it on your lips. It’s a little like tint. It’s sheer and it’s kind of like a balm that has a little bit of color.”

Sephora in Ames is located in the center of JC Penny’s in the North Grand Mall of Ames.