Salo: The last month of summer

Megan Salo

There is only about one month left of summer. 

In five weeks, we’ll all be waking up bright and early for our 8 a.m.’s instead of sleeping until noon, spending our days in lectures instead of at the pool and studying instead of partying – for the most part. 

So, what should you do during the remaining 35 or so days of freedom? 


Before you know it, you’ll be waking up early for class and staying up late to finish your homework or to study. Take this time to catch up on sleep before you forget what it feels like to be truly rested. 


If you have a heavy class load next semester, it’s probably smart to hang out with as many of your friends as possible before you move your entire life into the library. 


You may feel like you’re rolling in cash right now, but that’s because all you’re doing is working. Start saving some of the money that you’re making now so that you can afford to do fun things like eat during the school year. 

Have fun

Go to the pool and the zoo, go on road trips and on fun day trips with your friends and finish crossing off your summer bucket list. In 35 short days, fun will be a foreign concept to some of us who will be juggling school, work, a social life and everything else going on in our crazy lives. 

Get organized

You’re going to need a planner. Buy one now and fill out everything ahead of time before you desperately need it. Get your school supplies and don’t forget to buy your books. Figure out where your classes are so you’re not scrambling on the first day. Over prepare now so that you don’t have to stress out later. 

Really enjoy these next couple weeks and get excited for another awesome school year at Iowa State!