Editorial: Terrorism is not happening just in Manchester


Screenshot of https://storymaps.esri.com/stories/terrorist-attacks/?year=2017

This map shows all terrorist attacks that have happened so far in 2017. The yellow circles are attacks performed by the Islamic State.

Editorial Board

After a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday killed at least 22 and injured 59, many of the victims being children, Britain’s prime minister has raised the nation’s threat level to critical. 

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack. Although some of their statements have contradicted themselves as well as some of the evidence from the bombing, they have successfully instilled fear in the public. 

But this attack has also instilled a sense of community and support from people all over the world for the victims, their families, Manchester and Grande. Flowers, notes and other gifts have been left at the arena and people have also shown their support through social media by changing their profile pictures and hashtagging #IStandWithManchester. 

Although this tragic event deserves all of the media coverage and attention from the public that it has been given, why is this the only terrorist attack we are focusing on? Is terrorism more acceptable outside of a pop-culture venue?

This map shows every terrorist attack that has occurred so far in 2017. There have been 506 attacks and 3,319 casualties as of Thursday, with more attacks happening every day. 

Americans don’t know or hear as much about the attacks that are aimed mainly towards the Middle East, maybe because we don’t feel as much of a connection to these countries. Maybe we’re just conditioned to expect violence in the Middle East because that’s all we’ve known. 

No matter the reason, you don’t see people changing their profile pictures or creating hashtags for the victims of attacks in places like Deir ez-Zor, where a bombing killed 15, while 19 more were being executed by the Islamic State, on Sunday. Or for the civilians who were killed last week when mortar shells were shot into a wedding reception. 

Attacks on Baghdad killed eight on Saturday.

Twenty-three civilians were killed in an air raid after 12 other women were killed in Syria earlier this month. 

The Islamic State attacks or claims attacks almost every day. 

We need to start paying attention to all of these attacks, not just on those that affect people that you think are like you.