DNCE: a crazy fun time

Joe Jonas, lead singer of DNCE performs on April 5, at Hilton Coliseum. DNCE is known for their hit songs Body Moves, Toothbrush and Cake By the Ocean.

Thomas Shreve

Serving as SUB’s “biggest event of the semester,” pop band DNCE certainly earned the title by blowing up Hilton Coliseum.

The band put on an incredibly energetic show that oozed talent and quirkiness with every single tune. They displayed their musical skills while also captivating the audience with their off-the-wall performance.

DNCE was easily the most fun I have had at a concert in a long time, thanks to the band’s distinct style of performance.

Each band member had their own visible personality and they seemed to come together like a puzzle piece, playing off their chemistry flawlessly. In fact, the most entertaining aspect of the show may not have been frontman, and former Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas, but rather his bandmates, JinJoo Lee on guitar and Cole Whittle on bass.

From the moment they entered the stage, dressed in Darth Vader masks to a remixed Star Wars theme, they brought the intensity along with plenty of laughs. They wore funky costumes and jumped around like madmen for nearly the entire show. Their undying, sibling-like bond was charming beyond belief and watching them roll all over the floor while jamming to each other’s solos was engrossing. I found myself watching their actions far more than than Jonas and his vocals.

However, Jonas was not overshadowed much; He really excelled as a vocalist and a frontman. He was not as eccentric as Lee or Whittle but his voice made up for it. His range was impressive as he could nail some incredibly high notes, like in the chorus of “Toothbrush,” as well as other, more rap-like songs.

He even played off his bandmates occasionally, which made the chemistry all the more prevalent. What was clear was that these performers absolutely loved what they were doing and could not be more passionate.

Musically, the band is incredibly talented. Their unique pop-dance genre of music was a blast live. Every single song had a cheery, upbeat tune that was impossible not to dance to. Each part of the song was just as strong as the other. The guitar work was unique, the drum work was aggressive and the vocals were spirited.

Although DNCE is relatively young, having formed in the summer of 2015, they already have a couple of mega hits that took over the radio last year. “Toothbrush” and “Cake by the Ocean” were easily the highlights of the show. The former featured a dazzling guitar solo coupled with Jonas’s perfect chorus execution, while the latter served as the epic encore finale, where they left everything they had on the stage.

It’s worth saying that while “Toothbrush” and “Cake by the Ocean” were the best songs and easily their most popular, they do have plenty of other songs that deserve attention. Their lesser known songs were a variety of upbeat pop songs and more hardcore rock songs.

DNCE’s opener, Chord Overstreet, was a pleasant surprise who left a great impression. However, compared to the headliner, he was quite forgettable.

Overstreet, who found fame on the TV show Glee, is a relatively new country artist with only three songs released on Spotify.

His music did not quite reach DNCE levels of energy but it was more than enough to entertain the crowd. A country singer seemed like an odd opener for a pop band, but Overstreet’s style was more rock-country than straight up country. He had a very natural voice that was not overly cheap like so many country singers, which was refreshing.

While Overstreet came across as a simple, humble man, his performance seemed lacking. Not to say anything was particularly negative, he just had no standout song or much that was unique to him.

All in all, DNCE’s performance was entertaining and chaotic. It made for such a fun show that I hope other artists take cues from DNCE in creating a unique style.