What students are worried about, focused on as the semester comes to an end


Iowa State students transition from classes in front of Beardshear Hall

Emily Clement

With only about three weeks left in the semester, students are beginning to have strong focuses and big worries.

Here are few of the biggest focuses and worries of a few students across campus:

“[I am most worried about] making sure my GPA is all good,” Alexis Skowron, freshman in biology, said.

Ending with a strong GPA is important as all of the work you put in during the semester comes together in one small number at the end. The GPA is an important aspect of a résumé, and any employer you send your résumé to sees that number as a representation of how hard you worked in school.

“[I am mostly focusing on] getting prepared for finals and staying on top of assignments,” Jenna Rasmusson, freshman in agronomy, said.

Assignments seem to pile up all at once at the end of the semester and it’s important to keep up with them so that you can be fully prepared for finals. It’s never too early to start getting prepared for finals, but also don’t overwhelm yourself if it’s not really necessary.

“[I am focusing on] getting a summer job,” John Germick, junior in electrical engineering, said.

Summer jobs are on many students’ minds as it gets closer and closer to summer. Whether students need something small to keep them busy or really need the money to be able to live their life the way they want to, a job is an important thing to nail down before the semester is over.

“[I am focusing on] internships and working experience,” Nathaniel Stewart, sophomore in industrial technology, said.

Internships are an important part of the college experience. It’s necessary to have that experience before going into the job force, and an internship is a perfect way to get that experience. Because internships are important, you must be on top of the application process early and get your name out there as soon as you can.

“[I am worried about] moving out because I live in a dorm right now,” Yealim Sung, sophomore in software engineering, said.

Moving out is a big task for students all across campus. For students living in a dorm it may be an even bigger task. Students all around are trying to move out at the same time and it can become a cluster to try and keep everything together. It is advised, for students from Iowa especially, to gradually take things home or at least start packing a few things before move-out day comes along.