Spring trends with the Trend editors-in-chief

Trend Magazine co-Editors-in-Chief Alisha Humiston and Destinie Phomsouvanh.

Madison Pincombe

Not only are the current Trend Magazine co-editors-in-chief, Alisha Humiston and Destinie Phomsouvanh, extremely confident in their personal style, they are also conscious of the trends of the season. 

The pair shared specific fashion trends that they are seeing right now or that Trend Magazine is covering in their upcoming issue. Humiston highlighted the “crop-kick silhouette for denim and more flared capris.” 

“We are getting into more of a relaxed silhouette which I love,” Humiston said.

Phomsouvanh, however, described metallics arriving this season.

“Metallics are really coming in,” Phomsouvanh said. “A lot of our spring pieces for the magazine have metallic. Also, asymmetrical shoulders. A lot of people think it has gone out of style but I love it.”

Humiston and Phomsouvanh’s love for fashion stems from their confidence in their own individual style. 

In regards to her style, Humiston said, “I like to be more laid back and more simplistic. I like interesting pieces themselves and denim is my go to.”

A cool pair of jeans and a simple graphic t-shirt is one of her favorite outfits and she refers to a graphic tee as “a conversation starter.”

Humiston described how her style has developed since coming to college.

“When I first came to college I was really into always being on trend and a real fast fashion person,” Humiston said. “As time went on and there was less space in my closet, I became drawn to individual pieces.”

Phomsouvanh also described her style.

“It varies by my mood almost,” Phomsouvanh said. “It can either be very relaxed or very over the top. Sometimes I like to be more fashion forward with styles and colors that are trending.”

Phomsouvanh’s friends describe her style as “black and Vogue.”

This style has evolved over events in her life.

“As a freshman I was very bubbly and outgoing so I was very into JCrew and a preppy look,” Phomsouvanh said. “Last year I was more into classic, basics. I was more shy and timid and not as confident. Obtaining an internship and being editor-in-chief helped me explore new styles and being more out-there.”

For your personal style, Humiston said, “There is no set way of doing anything, have fun with it and let your personality shine through. When you walk into a room, that’s the first thing that people notice! Don’t try to replicate other people’s style if you don’t feel comfortable with it.”

After being with Trend Magazine since the first semester of their freshman year, the pair is enjoying overseeing a large executive and student staff in creating the student-run publication. They get to supervise and inspire the artistic and editorial direction of the magazine.

Both Phomsouvanh and Humiston, juniors in apparel merchandising and design, have been involved with Trend Magazine since the first semester of their freshman year.

They have been enjoying the opportunity to oversee a large student staff in the creation of a student-run publication. In their role, they are able to supervise the artistic and editorial direction of the magazine.

Both of the co-editors-in-chief of Trend Magazine invite you to the spring release party on Thursday, April 20 from 7-9 p.m. at Campustown Resort. Come and see the new direction these two confidently stylish women are taking the magazine in.