Parachute to stop in Des Moines for The Getaway Tour


Courtesy of: Monica Hopman/ Think Press

Pop-rock band Parachute will be performing at Wooly’s in Des Moines on Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

Jacob Beals

Before setting off on The Getaway tour a couple of weeks ago, rock band Parachute called it their best tour yet on Twitter. On Wednesday night, the band will be bringing the latest tour along with new and old music to Wooly’s in Des Moines at 8 p.m.

Kit French, a member of the pop-rock trio, said that they always try to make each tour better than the one before it. This time, they implemented a voting system that gives fans the ability to choose what songs Parachute will play at each particular show.

French said that the fan chosen sets have been different, but also fun to play, as the band has been able to go back and play songs from their past.

“There’s just something just a little more special about this arrangement and the kind of approach we’re taking to it, little bit of a throwback vibe to it,” French said. 

Right now, the band is between their previous album and producing a new one, and French said that the format of playing a fans’ choice setlist at each show has let them plan this tour without being tied to promoting a specific record.

Each night of the tour features a different set. French said that while some songs always make the show no matter where they go, there are cities that have particular favorites compared to other places.

“We’re not making it up, we’re going along with the data,” French joked as he talked about performing the changing set from city to city.

Along with having diverse music preferences, Parachute’s fans are also very dedicated as some shows on the tour were sold out before it began. French said seeing the crowds come in and watch makes all the work before each tour worth it.

“It really is the best. It makes it all worth the effort,” French said. “When you can look at [the schedule] before the tour starts and several, if not the majority of shows sold out, you know you are doing it right.”

Before selling out these shows, the band spent time together preparing for this latest headlining tour. French said that making each new set of shows feel fresh can be a little bit of a challenge, but the band figures this out by getting together to plan and practice beforehand.

“It takes a little time to figure it all out, but it’s worth it to keep it fresh,” French said. 

As for coming up with new ways to engage an audience, Parachute uses live shows to test out new material and performing techniques.

“You’ve really got to work out ideas for the crowd while you’re playing live; which parts fall flat, which parts might be really engaging,” French said. “No better way to do that than in front of an audience.”

With this tour, and every show on Parachute’s schedule, French said that they want to provide an escape for all audience members, and, in turn, each new crowd and city helps the band live out a long standing dream.

“I think it’s just kinda been a dream of ours since playing together in high school to be able to go out and do a long tour,” French said. “It’s been what we’ve been trying to make happen for years and years and years.”

Tickets for this event are $20. To find out more about this show, visit the Wooly’s website.