Breakdown of effects of $9 million budget cut


Emily Blobaum/Iowa State Daily

Redbud trees are prevalent across campus, particularly in front of the Campanile. 

Emily Clement

In total, Iowa State University is losing upwards of $9 million in state appropriations.

Because of this, several projects around campus have been put on hold in order to accommodate this cut.

Here is a breakdown of the effects this budget cut has/will have on the university:

  1. Several maintenance projects will be delayed or even cancelled.
  2. Renovations to Kildee Hall and the Iowa State Conference Center are to be saved for the future, which is expected to cost a total of $4.7 million.
  3. Further faculty searches will come to a halt and several unnamed positions will be left empty, which will save a total of $2.2 million.
  4. Purchases of new computer systems for various campus buildings will be delayed and will save another $1 million.
  5. Tuition will be increased in order to keep up with increasing university enrollment numbers. As of right now a 2 percent increase is approved, and a proposed 3 percent increase will be discussed in May.