Dead week playlist: songs to get you through


Hannah Olson / Iowa State Daily

Ryne Doughty opens for the Pines on April 1 at the Maintenance Shop. Doughty says his folk music os for hardworking, everyday people.

Jill O'Brien

Spring dead week is in full swing on campus, and students are petting puppies, pulling all-nighters and doing whatever they can to stay focused and sane during the final push of the school year. Here are a couple songs to help you pull through the week and finish the school year strong.

“I Wanna Get Better”- Bleachers

The first #1 single from Bleachers, the solo project of fun.’s Jack Antonoff, “I Wanna Get Better” is a bright indie pop number that will make you feel unstoppable when trying to power through studying for both organic chemistry and psychology. Also, the guitar break in the middle of the song will provide a nice study break, as it will make you want to get up and dance, no matter where you are.

“Towers”- Bon Iver

Justin Vernon’s vocals on this track will put your mind at ease. Get lost in the mellow intro and in Vernon’s falsetto. Take a deep breath. When the song is over, you’ll feel calm and ready to hit the books once again.

“Talk Too Much”- COIN

In case you missed them at the M-Shop last Wednesday, “Talk Too Much” will have you tapping your pen to the beat of the drums and guitar, and will provide another dance break on a rough night.

“Terence McKenna”- Eros and the Eschaton

The Colorado group played the Maximum Ames Music Festival back in September, and “Terence McKenna” will continue the push to keep working towards the goal of finishing studying before midnight.

“Someone New”- Hozier

“There’s an art to life’s distractions,” croons the Irish singer/songwriter. However, don’t let the lyrics and simple, soothing melody to distract you from the tasks at hand. Let note taking flow to the beat of the song, and by the final chord, hopefully the song will have led you to write the final notecard and finish studying with ease.

“Coming Home”- Leon Bridges

The first single from American soul singer Leon Bridges will make listeners long for going home, but remember: you can do that when you finish your finals. Back to work.