Week two reflections: Chris Jorgensen

Meditation was actually something I enjoyed quite a bit. I had done guided breathing exercises before this week and enjoyed them, but they were something that I had forgotten about. I found meditation to be extremely relaxing and a great opportunity to deal with stress.

The initial problem is getting over the stigma that meditation has. It is nothing like what you see in the movies, and you might feel intimidated going into it not knowing anything about it.

Once you get into it though, it’s a great experience. I would definitely keep doing this. I found the meditation most effective at night just before I went to bed because it helps you relax and lowers your heart rate.

I used to have a Fitbit watch that would remind me every night to do guided breathing, and I usually did it. I don’t have the Fitbit anymore so it’s easy for me to forget — but I would love it if I made this a habit.