Tips for move-out day


Photo: Madeline Doyle/Iowa State Daily

Depending on friends and storage units, students are forced to scatter their belongings among their space as they camp out on the couch for a few days waiting to move in to their next living estate.

Emily Clement

With finals week comes move-out day for many people around campus.

Here are a few tips to take into consideration on move-out day:

Pack efficiently– Make sure to think about how you’re going to pack up your things before you just throw it all together. Take into consideration how much room will be available in your car, how many boxes/tubs you have available and how many things you have to transport back home/to your destination. 

Pack your things up early– If you’re on a time a constraint especially, be sure to pack up a few things here and there leading up to your assigned move-out time/day. This is also important if you have a lot of things to pack up. Get all of the little things (desk items, leisurely items) out of the way first that way all you have to worry about is the big things (clothes, furniture, technology).

Make sure your room/apartment is clean and organized– It’s an easy enough task to wipe off your desk and vacuum the floor to make it a little easier for the janitors. After living in a dorm or an apartment for the last nine months it’s bound to be a little dirty. It’s also necessary to put things back how you found it by doing things such as re-lofting your bed and moving things back up against the wall.

Be prepared to take the stairs– For anyone who lives in a dorm especially, the elevators are not the most reliable mode of transportation from floor to floor. Be prepared to take the stairs if needed and pack in a way that allows you to do so.

Remain calm– The end of the year can already cause a lot of stress. Don’t let move-out day overwhelm you even more. Take a deep breath, stay calm, listen to your parents and just remember that it’s the only thing between you and summer break.