IRHA votes on own bylaws, announce election results


The Inter-Residence Hall Association debates over a Leadership Funds transfer on March 9. The bill passed.

Rachel Ori

The Inter-Residence Hall Association met Thursday evening, resulting in a complete examination of the group’s bylaws.

Opening the meeting, the group heard from ISU Dining staff about the upcoming changes for the coming year. The changes range from the addition of an official ISU Dining food truck on campus, to the opening of a new dining center in Friley Hall.

Following last week’s discussion on IRHA’s Constitution bylaws, the group examined multiple parliament orders. 

The first two orders revolved around grammatical changes to the bylaws, and were both passed.

The group went on to examine the executive positions as stated in the bylaws.

The order clarifying executive positions was passed.

Lastly, the group touched on more controversial bylaw changes.

The bylaw that questioned whether or not the IRHA executive members should be required to plan one service project a year prompted a large debate. 

The bylaw was amended to include that the executive members would be required to plan three service projects a year, which passed. 

After hours of long discussion regarding the total changes, the entirety of the bylaws were officially voted into law. 

Moving onto the official business, the group voted on their own 2018 budget. 

An additional $2,000 was added to the Residence Hall Week budget. 

At the end of the meeting, the group announced that Scott Fisk and Claire Nauman will be the president and vice-president of IRHA for the coming academic year. 

Jackson Barnes and Shelby Soper were voted the At-Large Representatives. 

IRHA will meet for the final meeting of the academic year next Thursday at 7:30p.m. in the Memorial Union.