Backstage before the 2017 Fashion Show

Students of many majors worked tirelessly to ensure that the 2017 Fashion Show would run seamlessly from curtain open to curtain close. Opening day, backstage of Stephens Auditorium is filled with anticipation from those who committed most of this school year to preparing for the show.

Before the show everyone from stage tech to modeling directors have pre-show duties to make sure the entire show runs as smoothly as possible.

“I’m actually not nervous at all,” said Ashlynn Boerhave, fashion show design committee member and Apparel Merchandising and Design major. “We have had several dress rehearsals before today and they have all gone very smoothly. So we’re just kind of excited in anticipation for how it will go.”

When asking if they were nervous, the modeling directors shouted, “Yes!” in unison.

“There’s lot of moving parts and a lot of quick-changes,” said Katie Hamilton, apparel merchandising and design.

“We’ve got to work like a well oiled machine,” added Grace Rosson, apparel merchandising and design.

Since the beginning of February models have been working to perfect their walk for the show. Many of the models walk several times, requiring them to learn different choreography and make nerve-wracking quick changes during the the show.

“I’m a little nervous,” said Alli Levis, model and apparel merchandising and design. “I’m excited just to go out there and show off the garments that the students have been working so hard on all year.”

With “Altered Aspects” being the theme for the 2017 show, the stage was a mix of white geometrical shapes hanging from the ceiling, transparent back drops for models to walk behind for extra crowd anticipation, and neon lighting illuminating the stage backdrops. The music was that of a futuristic vibe that complemented the bold model walk choreography and the alternative aesthetic of “Altered Aspects.”

The guest designer portion of the show featured Abasi Rosborough, fashion designers from New York City, invoked feeling of intense power and strength as models walked to the beat of drums. Based off of the 2017 election and the protests that took place, the theme of the line was geared toward the strength of protesters and bringing the people together as the models were of every race and ethnicity.

“Watching this election go down thinking ‘How is this election for the best amongst all of our people to represent us? It’s so negative. It’s so fractured,’” said Greg Rosborough of Abasi Rosborough, “We decided to come up with something that’s about unity but also protecting the protesters.”

The Fashion Show ended with a recap of all of the models and garments by designers and recognition to everyone who made the 2017 fashion show possible. The results by this year’s judges was awarded to designers at this time, as well as awarding scholarships to designers and producers alike.