Fifth annual Boulder Bash anticipates large, diverse crowd


Photo: Jessica Langr/Iowa State Daily

Tyler Gardner, Senior at the University of Northern Iowa, attempts to “dino,” or jump, to a difficult hold during the Bouldering Bash on March 9, 2013 at Lied Recreation.

Amanda Wymore

Strap on your harness and brush on the chalk. 

Students, community members and climbers can head to Iowa State’s fifth annual Boulder Bash at 11 a.m. Saturday at Lied Recreation Athletic Center.

“We want to offer this event to climbers of all ages, different talent and ultimately just to bring together the strong climbing community we have,” Taylor Heyman, event organizer, said. “We have climbers coming in from different states all throughout the Midwest.”

Heyman said word about the event has spread, attracting the largely anticipated diversity of participants.

“I think that the climbing community we have is pretty strong and tight-knit,” Heyman said. “People who climb typically know other climbers from other areas, so that word has spread to several states, making this event an ever-changing event.”

Sixty slots were available, all of which were filled within the first three days of registration. 

Along with more participants, Heyman is thrilled there will be more time for each participant to climb.

“There aren’t too many changes from the previous Boulder Bashes,” Heyman said. “We did add more time to each heat, so all climbers will have two hours to climb rather than one and a half hours.”

The addition will bring physical and mental benefits for new and seasoned participants.

“Other than just being a fun, all-day event, participants benefit from meeting new people with similar interests and can expect to be challenged physically and mentally with the new routes,” Heyman said.

Heyman also suggested that participants bring a positive attitude and some friends or family to support them. The theme is Tie-Dye and Thigh High, so appropriate attire is recommended.

Prizes and promotional items from companies will be available, including ropes, a crash pad, hats, shirts for everyone and more.

For more information, email Heyman at [email protected] or visit the event’s website: