Throwback Thursday: Enrollment Services Center

Ian Steenhoek

Enrollment Services Center

Finished in 1907, the Enrollment Services building has changed over time, with additions in 1914, 1943 and 1987-1989. In the archive photo, Beardshear Hall, then called the Central Building, can be seen in the background on the right.

The building is slightly obstructed in the current photo by trees that have grown since the archive photo was taken. The addition of a white rotunda is very noticeable. There is also now a parking lot.

Construction began in 1904, however, funds soon ran out and construction stopped for two years. It resumed after LaVerne Noyes donated the funds to help finish it. Read about Lake LaVerne here.

Originally named the Christian Association Hall, the building was renamed Alumni Hall in 1905. This name stuck around for more than a hundred years until 2008, when it was named Enrollment Services Center. The building has served several purposes throughout its history. 

Over time, the building has had a swimming pool, café, various study rooms, recreation areas and a bowling alley. When State Gym built a pool in 1914, the pool in this building was replaced with a dining room. A larger kitchen was also added on the south side at this time.  

In 1917, the first floor acted as an infirmary for an outbreak of the flu.

After completion of the Memorial Union in 1928, the dining room, called “Campus Inn,” was replaced with study spaces.

In World War II it acted as the administrative building for the Naval Training School. In 1943 there were bedrooms added, and the Navy left the building in 1944.

It continued to hold offices for the YWCA and the YMCA and rooms for students for some time. In 1985 the university purchased the building from the Alumni Hall Board of Directors. The exterior underwent a $3 million renovation as it was beginning to degrade. It was then transformed into a student services center, and the residents were relocated.