Effective Study Techniques


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Andrea Poppinga

If you haven’t yet discovered, finals is about finding study techniques that work best for YOU. There is no right or wrong way to study, but finding the suitable technique for yourself is one of the most important things.

Here are some ideas to get you trying something new, and test out a few new ways of studying that might help you out during this stressful time.

Flashcards This is a personal favorite for a lot of people. Whether it is a test where you need to memorize, or maybe a test where you just need to know a lot of information on the subject, flashcards are a really great visual tool.

Take them with you wherever you go, and do a couple run throughs each day until your test.

Memorizing out loud This one may sound a little funny, but it has actually been a great tool for a lot of people.

Find a quiet place where you can concentrate, but make sure no one else is around. Instead of silently studying in your head, speak out loud. When it comes time for your test, you may be able to remember something you said out loud versus something you just read off a sheet of paper.

Acronyms- Acronyms are a super underrated studying technique. Make creative acronyms that you will be able to remember come testing time. Whether it is a group of items you have to remember, or a certain order of something, acronyms come in handy as a memorizing technique.

Write, and rewrite your study guide While this may sound repetitive and awful, it is such a good way to drill the information into your brain.

You are not only memorizing the information, but you are also studying at the exact same time. You are visualizing and interpreting important study information all at the same time.