Study snacks during finals week


Sam Greene/Iowa State Daily

A variety of foods from around the globe were catered for the event. The Global Gala was held in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union on Friday, March 31.

Andrea Poppinga

Finals week usually means no sleep, high levels of stress, and not a whole lot of time to sit around. Making a few snacks in advance before finals, will help ease your stress and allow you to have some yummy study snacks in your downtime.

Snack #1: Puppy chow: while there are so many variations of how to make your puppy chow unique, the ingredients you will need are peanut butter, powdered sugar, chex cereal, chocolate chips, and butter.

This snack takes less than 20 minutes to make, and if you make a big batch it should last you throughout finals week.

Snack #2: Trail mix: Trail mix has no set ingredients, because essentially you can throw in whatever you like. Usually it consists of some peanuts, a dried fruit possibly, a candy such as M&M’s and anything else you want to add.

Trail mix is so easy and hassle free to make. It’s a good snack to have on hand and take on-the-go with you.

Snack #3: Fruit Salad: Fruit is an awesome choice, and it will make you feel healthy during the finals week grind. You can add whatever fruits you like most and basically throw it all together. It takes a little more time to cut up the fresh fruit, but it is definitely worth it.

Snack #4: Potato/Sweet potato chips: These are simple, homemade, and taste delicious. All you need is a few potatoes or sweet potatoes and a little salt. Cut the potato into bite size bites, salt them, and spray a pan down with cooking spray. Cook for however long you like, depending on how crunchy and crispy you like your chips.

Hopefully you find at least one of these recipes right up your alley for finals week, but if not, make whatever snacks that will sustain you and fuel you so you can perform well, get enough sleep, and not get too stressed during finals week.