Olate Dogs steal AfterDark


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Olate Dogs won America’s Got Talent in 2012 and performed at ISU AfterDark on Friday night.

Caroline Shaw

On Friday night, America’s Got Talent winner Olate Dogs brought the cutest talent to ISU AfterDark.

Olate Dogs is a father and son duo that trains the dogs they rescue, performing with them all over the country. The act won the popular televised variety show America’s Got Talent in 2012.

All of the dogs are rescues and are trained with a system of love, patience and positive reinforcement, Nicholas Olate said.

At AfterDark, many Iowa State students, as well as families with young children, filled the Memorial Union’s Great Hall to see the pups perform.

April is a trying time for many college students and one failsafe solution to the stress of finals is to spend some time with our fluffy friends.

The dogs of Olate Dogs took the stage to cheers and applause as well as a unified chorus of “Awww!”

The show opening consisted of a high-energy routine of tricks that had the audience clapping along and an introduction of all the dogs.

Each dog has its own story and specialty. Some have been part of the team for years while some of the dogs are new and just learning their first tricks.

The first trick the dogs learn is to walk around on their hind legs. This came in handy during the “Olate Dog Fashion Show.”

The dogs came onto the stage in turn wearing different outfits and dancing to their music all while walking only on their hind legs.

One of the dogs did an Elvis impersonation but didn’t seem too keen on walking around the stage. Instead, he would take a few steps then lie down and roll around on the floor. Many spectators were doubled over with laughter.

At the end of the fashion show one pair of dogs came out in formal eveningwear and strolled across the stage to “The Way You Look Tonight.” This part of the show seemed to be just too cute for the audience to handle.

The next part of the show included a skit in which one of the dogs kept stealing “Bob the Janitor’s” lunch. It was a silly addition to the show that many of the children in the audience really enjoyed.

The middle of the show included a talk from Nicholas Olate about how Olate Dogs got started in Chile and how they came to win America’s Got Talent. It also included a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” performed by Olate to promote his new music career.

The show continued with more tricks and concluded with an impressive combination performed by a large dog named Bella. She was credited with being the reason they won America’s Got Talent because she learned the trick two days before the finale and managed to pull it off and wow the judges and viewers at home.

After the show it was clear that it was success. As the crowd emptied the Great Hall all conversation centered on the dogs and their impressive performance.