Style Spotlight: Emma Krell

For this look, Emma is wearing a striped long sleeve with a jean jacket and a plaid red and black vest, very seasonal. She is also wearing a pair of black jeans and black tall Hunter boots for the winter time. You can find this look on 

Grace Rigdon

This week’s Style Spotlight caught Emma Krell, freshman in accounting, who talked to us about adapting your style after high school and running a fashion blog.

Being a style blogger

Krell started her fashion blog in 2014.

“I started because I liked reading other people’s blogs and enjoyed piecing together different outfits,” Krell said. “My friends were the ones that encouraged me to try it out and it ended up becoming a passion and it’s been history ever since.”

Krell’s blog goals are to inspire and communicate her style and interest by expressing herself to others.

“My go-to trend as of right now would be the bandana trend,” Krell said. “I love wearing bandanas on my neck and as an accessory. I also have one on my purse. Another very fun trend that I like is the jean skirt overalls, and I am also into the band tee looks.”

A Style Evolution

Her own personal style? JCrew meets Free People.

She identifies her style as very preppy, but then other days feels like she is represented as a Free People goddess.

“In high school I used to dress like a preppy JCrew catalogue,” Krell said. “I wore collared shirts with sweaters every day. Now, my style is definitely less defined. I try not to stick to a certain look, and each morning I want to change it up. I have more variety with my wardrobe so I am able to experiment a lot more with my style here in college.”

Krell said in high school she felt she started a lot of the trends, but in college she is able to do more of her own thing. She said she loves how much other people around campus inspire her to build off their looks and try new things.

Krell said that her go-to color pallet is very neutral and she wears a lot of navy and black. She said if she catches herself wearing color, it is usually maroons and different shades of reds along with hunter green.

Looking to the future

Krell’s dream job is to be the chief financial officer of Nordstroms. She would love to use her accounting degree and her merchandising minor to be a part of the fashion industry.

“My other future dreams would be to live off of my blog,” Krell said. “It would be amazing to be a famous blogger. I would also love to own an online boutique, but I don’t really care what it is I end up doing as long as I am a part of the industry somehow, someway.”

Krell has been a committee member of Trend magazine for the past two semesters. She also spends a lot of time building her network to promote her Instagram. Building followers on her blog’s Instagram account is important to her to increase blog views.

“I find it difficult because I used to feel like no one had a blog,” Krell said. “But coming here there are so many people, a huge crowd of bloggers, doing the same thing and have to find my own personal niche and be myself. If you keep with the passion, your style will shine through.”

If you want to learn more about Emma Krell and her style, follow her fashion blog at