What styles should make a comeback?


Maddie Leopardo/Iowa State Daily

Styling options for spring

Andrea Poppinga

While a number of styles from the ’90s and beyond should rightly be left in their generation, there are some styles that should perhaps make a comeback.

You probably won’t see too many people rocking these looks anytime soon, but down the road, who’s to say they won’t be back to make a special appearance.

These five styles will hopefully give you some of the inspiration you need to think outside the box and revamp some of your old items hanging around in your closet.

  1. Denim on denim – While this look may appear a little dorky, it can actually be super cool if you dress it up correctly. Remembering to keep the denim washes on top and bottom a little different can make this outfit a real winner.

  2. Velour tracksuits – These were quite the hit for a while … and for good reason. They are comfortable, while still making it look like you put some effort into your outfit. For all sweats lovers out there, this is a must-return trend in the near future.

  3. Statement padded shoulders – Big shoulders was a trend in the ’80s. They could be found in anything from sweaters to work blazers. This trend caught people by surprise, but lasted quite a while, and in all seriousness, can be extremely flattering on some women.

  4. Head scarves – These are starting to make a slight comeback, but I predict they will continue becoming more and more the norm. They are great for a day at the beach, or a day on the town to simply accessorize your hair and complement your outfit.

  5. Wide leg pants/jeans – For lazy days when you aren’t feeling like slipping into your tightest pair of skinny jeans, these would be the perfect problem solver. Parachute pants and bell bottom jeans flatten many body types while still giving you the comfort aspect as well.