Not the typical spring break getaway


Jill Itzen/Iowa State Daily

Low budget spring break

Alisha James

One of the most popular things to do over spring break is to go on a vacation with your friends, whether it be to some place tropical, only a state away or somewhere out of the country.

A survey conducted this year by the National Association of College Stores showed that 37 percent of students who responded were going home for spring break, 28 percent said they would be working and five percent were going on volunteer trips. Just over a quarter of students said they were going on special trips.

If a large portion of students aren’t going on big vacations with friends, then what are they doing instead?

“I am going to Chicago with my mom to see my sister for the weekend. Other than that, I’ll be home for break hanging out with my family and relaxing. I’d rather save my money and go do something during the summer when there is more time” Ashley Masten, sophmore in accounting, said. 

Emily Ung, 20-year-old sophomore in business, said she will be going back home to Des Moines. She said she won’t be going on vacation because she would rather work and save money for the summer.

“I usually wait and go places in the summer because it’s a longer amount of time to go on vacation and have fun” Ung said.

Some students do go on a vacation during spring break, but with their family instead of their friends.

“My family is road tripping to South Carolina. We always decide on a place as a family for spring break. We are going for the whole week of spring break” Kacey Pietz, 19-year-old sophomore in early childhood education, said.

If you are staying at home, going with your family or going on a vacation with your friends for spring break, make sure to be safe and responsible.