Editorial: Finish strong, Cyclones


Annie Edelman, sophomore in journalism, studies at Parks Library on Dec. 2. 2016. 

Editorial Board

Spring break has passed and the reality of the remaining six weeks has set in. The taste of freedom that was once palpable while on vacation has turned bitter in our mouths. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can finish this semester on a good note.

These last six weeks may be the most difficult throughout the entire school year. Summer prospects seem so close, yet quizzes, papers and exams stand between today and an exciting future. We in the Editorial Board share your frustrations and anxiety that will shadow the final month and a half. But we must gain strength and power through to the end.

With the weather improving and the clocks springing forward, it is more tempting than ever to flee the desk and head outside. We encourage that — in moderation. Take some time out of your day to take care of yourself. Exercise outside, lie in a hammock on campus or simply catch up with friends in the sunshine that you have missed in the past months. Use this time to recharge yourself mentally and physically. Then, make a plan to get back to work and complete your assignments or study for an upcoming quiz or exam.

With only six weeks remaining, you should have a good idea of what is due in your classes until the final. Get a head start and use days where it is cold or raining to work ahead so that you can enjoy the good weather when it arrives.

For students who received a midterm grade, communicate with your professors to see how you can improve your grade and succeed in the course. Take some extra time to review material from earlier in the semester, especially if you have a comprehensive final. Additionally, make a plan for Dead Week and finals early so that you have enough time to finish projects and papers and study for all of your courses.

The Iowa State Academic Success Center in the Hixson-Lied Success Center has helpful staff who can give you study tips and improve your time management skills. They also have study spaces for when you need a place to focus.

For help with your final papers and presentations, visit the Writing and Media Center in 208 Carver Hall. But be sure to schedule an appointment early if you have a large project, as it can become very busy in the final weeks of the semester.

We all can enjoy the beautiful spring weather and pass our classes if we manage our time well and utilize our resources. The best advice for these final weeks may be to work smarter and not harder. Let’s finish strong, Cyclones.