Letter: I endorse Cody West for Student Government president

Both presidential candidates are friends, mentors and asked me to be a part of their campaign, and I’m proudly endorsing Cody West for Student Government president.

When we spoke over coffee about the election, Cody impressed me with his campaign policies, passion to serve the students and unparalleled genuineness. His record serving with President Staudt is incredible, and they’ve accomplished almost everything they promised to from their campaign last year.

Dead Week policy has been reformed, the library is open 24 hours during Dead Week and medical amnesty is being worked on right now in the Iowa Legislature. Vice President West has been a key part of each policy, specifically the changes to Dead Week to help students, and his record of success is phenomenal.

Because of his position as Student Government vice president, Cody has a strong relationship with administrators and the trust of students. He and his running mate, Cody Smith, are both experienced leaders in Student Government and are ready to lead this university. Their campaign is focused on bringing about actual and attainable change that positively impacts the lives of students, and they want to do more than just the bare minimum.

They’ve consistently worked on issues that affect students, tirelessly lobbying for necessary change, and they’ve done it because they believe in making Iowa State a better place. Their campaign slogan – A Voice for You – speaks to the fact that they are doing this for the students, not themselves.

Getting to know Cody West and Cody Smith even more over the campaign season has only solidified my decision and proven that I made the right choice in supporting them, so this Cody says to Vote Cody on Tuesday and Wednesday for Student Government elections!