Clubs to join to help stay active


Image courtesy of the Sports Club Directory 

Jade Rich

There are a lot of negative connotations regarding weight when coming to a college campus. It can be stressful being somewhere with all new surroundings and exposures. Exercise has proven to not only keep you healthy but it also increases your productivity and mood according to studies conducted at the University of Bristol in England. 

Iowa State University has many appealing ways to stay active that also make great ‘resume-builders’. Iowa State University Recreation Services offer many organized fitness clubs. The Sport Club Directory includes clubs anywhere form archery to basketball. Getting involved in a club at college can help regulate your routine and introduce you to other students who share the same interests as you. Club sports are a great way to filter stress and competitiveness, most club sports provide you with the opportunity to challenge your talents against other club teams from different colleges. 

Dance is a very popular way to get a quick, fun cardio workout in. Although, there is not an official Dance Club Team on the Sports Club Directory, there are alternative clubs that will get you in the dance atmosphere. The ISU Hip Hop Dance Club, also known as DUB H, is a club on campus that provides choreography and routines for the students involved. The ISU Hip Hop Dance Club has been asked to preform many places including, ISU Homecoming, ISU Women’s Basketball games and for the Minnesota Timberwolves Pre-Game Show. 

Cheerleading opportunities are also welcome for people looking to pursue a team-based atmosphere, The Cyclone Hockey Cheer Team is a club on campus that holds try outs at the beginning of every school year. 

If club sports are too much of a time commitment for you, consider participating in the many intramural sport opportunities that the Recreation Services offers. Intramural opportunities are a great time to try out that sport that you always wanted to but just never had the time to. 

Stay ahead of your fitness and get involved in the many clubs at Iowa State University right when you get onto campus.