Breakdown of alternative incomes


Brett Staniforth, sophomore in supply chain management works for JoyRun, a food delivery service. 

Emily Clement

Students on a college campus are always looking for ways to make more money.

Here are a few ways to make some alternative income:

JoyRun – JoyRun, a popular food delivery service, is an easy way for students across campus to make fast and easy money. Students simply pick an order from the JoyRun app that someone from the Ames area has requested and they deliver it right to the door. The app allows students to “work” whenever they want and reimburses them the money they payed for the food and also pays them the profit they earned the previous day. Students simply need a drivers license and phone and they are set to make some quick money.

Uber – Uber is much like a taxi service and allows anyone who fits the list of requirements to drive their car as a personal taxi while making money. Uber also works through an app. People simply request rides from one place to another and the Uber driver picks them up at their desired location and takes them to their desired end location. Drivers must go through a background check, be at least 21 years of age and their car must be in good condition as well as being newer than 2002.

BioLife Plasma Services – BioLife is a service that pays people to take their plasma. Anyone can simply schedule an appointment either over the phone or online. A donor can make up to $270 by taking one hour twice a week out of their schedule to donate their plasma. Biolife will give you a separate debit card with the money you earned from the donation after your appointment and you all of a sudden have fast and easy money.

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