Iowa State wrestling goes 1-2 in the first session.


Alec Giljohann/Iowa State Daily

Marcus Harrington, a redshirt Sophmore at Iowa State, exchanges position with Northern Iowa’s Chase Shedenhelm at Hilton Friday night.

Ben Visser

ST. LOUIS — The NCAA Wrestling National Championships didn’t get off to a good start for Iowa State in Session I on Thursday.

No. 13 Earl Hall wrestled Princeton’s Pat D’Arcy, and after D’Arcy finished a takedown, Hall laid on the mat, injured.

Medical staff looked at his knee, and Hall finished the match. He didn’t look too hampered from the injury, but he failed to pick up a takedown in the match.

He went for a gator roll on the edge of the mat but both guys ended up out of bounds. Hall eventually lost 8-1. He’s alive in Session II in the wrestle backs against Stanford’s Connor Schram.

No. 14 seed Lelund Weatherspoon got things turned around briefly for the Cyclones with a 3-1 decision.

Weatherspoon showed his signature single-leg defense and eventually found a counter-attack opportunity and got the only takdown of the match. He’ll wrestle No. 3 Bo Jordan of Ohio State in Session II.

The third and final wrestler for the Cyclones was 197-pounder Marcus Harrington. He wrestled No. 6 Preston Weigel of Oklahoma State.

Neither guy shot until the second period when Harrington got in a single leg. He couldn’t finish and the match was scoreless going into the third period. Weigel went the unconventional route and chose top to begin the third.

That proved to be a great decision for Weigel. He got a couple of turns and won 7-0.

All three guys are alive for Session II.