Jobs to line up for this summer


Career Fair/Armin Ward

A student signs up to hear more from a job she is interested in

Claire Simmons

If your summer isn’t already booked with an internship, chances are the job search is in full swing. While any job will get you money in the bank, some are more practical than others.

Lifeguarding/aquatic center jobs

Working a job that is only available in the summer is a good way to keep a job as a full-time student. Aquatic center jobs range from lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons to working admissions and maintaining concessions. A majority of local aquatic centers appreciate employee loyalty and will hire back each summer, ensuring summer employment and alleviating stress on top of a busy school year.


Like aquatic center jobs, nannying is a summer gig that will have the likelihood of a hire back if the job is done well. In a release by Forbes Magazine, nannying was named one of the five best summer jobs for college students because it is a good work recommendation builder as well as something that displays good interpersonal relations across a wide range of ages. To top it off, parents will pay good money to someone who will take good care of their children.

Seasonal retail

Retailers need staff at holidays, which correspond with a lot of university break times. Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break and summer are when sales are highest and employment is needed most. Not only can you secure a position for the summer, but you can also work during other breaks from school to work toward paying off student loans. 


Another one on Forbes Magazine’s best summer jobs, waiting forces you to be quick on your feet and know your material. In the job search, interviewers will ask questions that require quick thinking, creativity and uniqueness. Employers look for people who can keep their cool under high-pressure situations, which can be practiced when a guest asks, “What should I order?” or “How much fat is in this strip of steak?”