Spring Break stories

Emma Blickensderfer

It is that point in the semester where students need and deserve some time away. Spring Break can be spent laying out on a sandy beach, hitting the slopes in the mountains, exploring a big city or in the comfort of one’s home. Here are some of the weeklong trips Iowa State students are taking and how they planned their vacations:

“I’m going to Cancun, and we are staying at the Grand Oasis Sens, which is an all inclusive resort. I am going with five of my best friends, which is something that I’ve never been able to do before. This will be my first time leaving the country for break with just a group of friends. We went back and forth between Jamaica and Cancun because everyone knew we wanted to go somewhere tropical and that had an all-inclusive option so we could just hang out, have a good time and not worry about finding food and drinks all the time. We ended up choosing a 21 plus resort to try to avoid the high school crowd. I’m looking forward to getting away from the Iowa weather for a week and going somewhere warm and tropical. This will be my first time in Mexico, so I’m really looking forward to it especially because all six of us will get to spend time together without it just being focused around school.” Clara Eising, senior in event management.

“I’m going to New York [City] with my mom, my roommate and her mom, so it’s just a girls trip. We’ll be there for five days and plan on seeing at least two shows: a play and musical. We haven’t decided what shows we will see, but we’re waiting to buy them the day of at the [ticket] box to get the cheapest price. We’ll also do lots of shopping and eat out at one of the many recommendations we’ve been told. I had the chance to go to New York in middle school, but the others haven’t so I figured that would be the perfect place for a girl’s trip.” -Myla Meyer, junior in agricultural communication.

“I’m going to Cozumel, Mexico, which is an island in the Caribbean Sea. I’m going with my family: my mom, brother, aunt and uncle. My dad can’t come because he has to work. My mom got a really good deal on the all-inclusive resort, El Cozumeleno Beach Resort, because she talked to a travel agent. We’re going to go snorkeling, scuba diving and hang out on the beach and pool. We might go into town and go shopping or something, but I’m not sure. I’ve been all over the world, but I’ve never been to Mexico so this will be new for me.” -Clare Schubert, senior in apparel merchandising.

“I am either going home or going to Myrtle Beach with some friends. I didn’t plan to do anything because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but a friend asked me a few days ago if I wanted to go to Myrtle Beach with them because a spot opened up. I would be paying around $150 for the house they rented and gas, so all I would need to spend money on is food and extra expenses. Either way is fine with me because I either get a week to lay on a warm beach for a cheap price or in my warm bed for free.” – Jorge Romero, sophomore in criminal justice studies.