How to cope with a breakup

Emily Merkle

Coping with a breakup is something no one knows how to do until they are forced to do it.

We asked members of the Iowa State community what they do when they have that sense of heartbreak.

“I think the best way to deal with the breakup is make yourself busy; find a new hobby or activity. And whenever you’re sad, call your mom, for sure. They know all.” – Emma Whigham, sophomore in dietetics

“Try to relax, and don’t blame yourself for the breakup. Not every relationship will be easy. There will be heartbreaks and letdowns; however, it’s how you overcome them that makes you and the relationship stronger. It just takes you to realize that, and it will be the first step in getting over a breakup or help the relationship work things out.” – Lavail Nolan, sophomore in industrial technology

“A lot of people say that breakups are easy. But when you truly love someone, it can be one of the hardest things to go though. The toughest [breakups] are when your lives are intertwined. You go from hearing from them and sharing your lives together in the daily to just poof, it’s gone. Like you were never in each other’s lives. I think that’s the hardest part about breaking up — trying to get used to not seeing their name pop up in your phone screen or waking up the next day and thinking it was a dream. I personally think that coping just takes time, and it sucks. One day you’ll stop thinking about them and stop waiting for them to text or call. Everything will be OK.” – Jocelyn Vest, freshman in design

“Remember that things happen for you, not to you. You may think it is the end of the world, but there is nothing more liberating than being freed of something that wasn’t meant to be. Allow yourself the time to grieve but dare yourself to move on, confident that everything will be better than OK so very soon.” –Amanda Gelinas, senior in marketing

“Take your time, be sad for a little bit, then move on. Make sure you go through the stages of grief and then always know there’s someone who will treat you better. God’s greatest gift is an upgrade.” – Jackie Mesenbrink, senior in biology

“Eat some ice cream, cry it out, repeat. Do this until you wake up and think you’re fine, then repeat some more.” – Katelyn Fritz, junior in agronomy

“No dating until you’re 25, not married until 45, and no sex until your parents are dead.” – Ben Neff, junior in agriculture system technology