Interview attire do’s and don’ts

Don’t-Red dress

Andrea Poppinga

Interview season is among us. Whether you are in college and preparing for an internship or co-op, or in full on job-hunting for post-graduation, knowing the do’s and don’ts of interview attire is completely vital.

What you wear says a ton about who you are, and the worker you intend to be. It can mean the difference between landing your dream job, and not being considered at all.

A few tips to always remember regarding your outfit:

  1. ALWAYS play it safe. Whether this means choosing the top that shows a little bit more skin or the one that completely covers you up, or deciding between a skirt or pair of pants. It is better to go the more conservative route at all costs.

  2. Make sure your outfit is chosen in advance and is neatly ironed or pressed. It will show that you care enough about the job to plan in advance and look presentable.

  3. Don’t let your outfit do the talking. Make sure to keep your outfit as well as all jewelry and accessories to a bare minimum. Let your personality and experience speak for itself.

Don’t: This dress and pair of heels is not acceptable for job interview attire. The dress is form-fitting which is not a good look for a professional occasion. Stay away from tight fitting clothing, and opt for something more comfortable. With the heels, keep them classy. Go for a pointed toe or a pair of simple, not too high heels.

Do: This outfit works well because if you want to go with a dress, you can, just make sure it is a conservative dress. Make sure it is knee or close to knee-length and has some sort of sleeve to cover up your shoulders and some of your arm. Pair it with some simple heels, or even flats and this will show you cared to dress well for the occasion, and that the job opportunity is something you are taking seriously.

Don’t: This outfit is a major don’t for several reasons. Clearly the skirt is extremely showy and short. Never wear something like this in a professional environment. Next is the shirt. While the shirt seems to be fine from the front the back has a sliver of skin showing and while it is not much, for a first interview, make sure to cover up as much as possible.

Do: This is a great alternative to the outfit above. The same shirt is being used, however it is layered under a professional blazer. The blazer gives a touch of professionalism to the outfit. Pair this with a simple pair of black trouser pants and some flats, and your outfit is set and ready to go.