More apartments coming to Campustown

Businesses along Lincoln Way are to be torn down to make room for new apartments. 

Megan Salo

An apartment building slated for construction along Lincoln Way is taking over a space that is currently occupied by local businesses.

The construction is set to happen between 2510 and 2526 Lincoln Way, according to the Ames Campustown Action Association. The location of these apartments, which will face Friley residence hall, would make the buildings a convenient location for students.

However, there are currently businesses that occupy this space. The construction will affect local favorites like Taste Place, The District and Jia Foods. Some businesses have already closed due to the construction.

Although it may seem like there is plenty of residential space around Campustown, there is still a need for more student housing that is close to campus.

According to city planner, Charles Kuester, demolition of 2516 Lincoln Way is planned to start this spring in order to make room for a new five story building. This building’s ground floor will remain commercial with four floors of apartments above.

“The increase in student enrollment is driving the decisions to build apartments and other options,” said Kuester. “[The changes] are meeting the needs of students looking for a convenient, affordable place to live that’s next to campus.”

Student enrollment rates have been rising over the previous years. There are currently 36,660 students enrolled at Iowa State University. This record breaking number is a 1.9 percent increase from the previous record, 36,001, according to Iowa State records.

Although the bottom floor of the new building will have space for commercial businesses, the current owners need to decide what to do with their businesses until the construction is over.