Iowa State presidential search requirements released


The Knoll, pictured in March 2017, taken from the southeast. 

Jake Dalbey

Detailing the requirements necessary for a search firm to be considered for the job of identifying Iowa State’s presidential candidates, the consulting services request for qualification was released publicly Wednesday.

Four main requirements were detailed in the report, including high standards of diversity and ethics, equitable searches that foster diversity, knowledgeable candidates who understand Iowa State’s background and the ability to keep candidates confidential.

Firms that are interested in the position must submit an executive summary detailing their search process and provide examples of past searches involving university positions.

The selected company will be asked to assist and advise the Iowa Board of Regents on their presidential choice.

Initial question responses must be submitted by April 7, as the university responses will be sent back to the applying firms.

Beginning April 17, firms must have completed their request for qualification in full, with a comprehensive list of firm finalists set to be released April 21.

April 24 through 28 will mark the start of firm interviews, with the final search contract to be awarded May 1, a week before President Steven Leath’s final day. The Board of Regents will select the awarded firm based on “experience, reputation, price and ability.”

Those selected for the final round of interviews will be asked to submit written proposals to the Board of Regents detailing their qualifications. Though not guaranteed, some firms may be approached to give oral reports to a mix of regent and administrative personnel.

In August 2011, the Board of Regents selected Parker Executive Search to lead the consultation that eventually led to the hiring of Leath. Before Iowa State, Parker Executive Search had university clients such as the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Tennessee.