Rec Services hosts first Spring Pool Party

State Gym held a Pool Party. Students and adults could come by to work out in the pool on Mar. 23.

Amanda Wymore

Suit up and jump in.

Four instructors led over 40 participants at State Gym on Thursday while Iowa State Recreation Services hosted their first Spring Pool Party.

“We wanted to get the Iowa State community excited about our aqua classes,” said Carlee Cutler, a Rec Services group fitness instructor. “We have had low attendance with these classes and wanted to show everyone what they are all about.”

At the pool party, the four instructors from Rec Services individually taught four separate stations for participants to dip their toes in to several different types of workouts. The circuit included the pool, vortex, shallow end and deep end.

“All the instructors here have been trained and we all teach different aqua classes for Recreation Services,” Cutler said.

Cutler was enthused to show participants the multiple benefits of the water-based class. 

“There is a stigma with our aqua classes,” Cutler said. “But it’s awesome to get a high intensity workout with the added resistance of the water. In general, exercise lifts your mood, but there is a refreshing appeal to the water that makes people have a good time.”

Rec Services hosted their first official launch party in the fall for Insanity LIVE, but they have never hosted a party for their aqua classes. 

Over 40 participants joined in on the cardio conditioning and body toning. Bodies were simultaneously moving and splashing while mirroring instructors to the beat of the music played by the emcee.

“This was a super fun experience with a really casual and laid back environment,” said Grace Garber, freshman in pre-professional health programs. “The instructors made the class a fun party rather than a boring workout class.”

This was Garber’s first time participating in an aqua class at Iowa State.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to going to more of these classes in the future,” Garber said. “It was a great way to try four classes at once.”

Cutler and Garber agree that everyone would be capable of doing an aqua class.

“This is not a workout for just those who are recovering from injuries, but also those looking for a new type of workout with a completely different environment,” Cutler said.

Rec Services is offering aqua classes as group fitness classes throughout the spring semester in State Gym.