NE-HI Entertains the M Shop

NE-HI is a band from Chicago’s northwest side that originated in 2013. They performed at the M-Shop on Feb. 15. Jason Balla and Mikey Wells were on guitar and vocals and James Weir played bass.

Thomas Shreve

Lately, the Maintenance Shop has been home to a string of high profile performances — like Aaron Carter and Rainbow Kitten Surprise. However, their latest band, NE-HI, brings the M-Shop back to its form.

NE-HI is an indie-rock band from Chicago formed by college friends. It consists of three guitarists/vocalists and one drummer.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the show were the three frontmen, Jason Balla, Mikey Wells and James Weir. Each had their own distinct style of performing and when they all came together it was quite exciting.

“[We’re] just trying to have an honest interpretation of life,” said Jason Balla.

Although much of the band’s music could be described as indie-rock, they prefer to try and standout among the crowd.

“[We’re] offering a perspective atypical of normal indie-rock,” Balla said.

The band began the show with faster pace music but switched to a chill style as the show progressed. However, their more upbeat tunes were easily more exciting.

The instruments were the highlight of the performance, often drowning out the vocals and lyrics, which was a shame because Balla was able to prove his vocal talents, but not until their final song, “Stay Young.”

NE-HI will soon begin their new country-wide tour to advertise their newest album, releasing February 24.