Editorial: Midterm success begins with preparation


Binge Studying

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Ten days from today, spring break will start. But before then, one needs to make it through the last days of midterm exams. Some students get distracted between studying and planning for the break.

Although each individual has his or her own unique way of studying and preparing for the exams, there are general tips to help everyone make the most of their midterms and final exams as well. If you haven’t already, check to see which of your classes and professors offer study guides. Using a study guide while studying the class material can save time — a lot of time.

To add, it’s extremely beneficial to visit with your professor during his or her office hours. Not only is this a great way to gain a better understanding of difficult concepts, but it could even potentially lead to tips and hints for the exam itself. 

If you find studying in a group effective, then join a group as soon as you can. If you find it ineffective, do not waste your time studying with other students. Either way, make sure to set a studying schedule and follow it. This may be a little late to be said, but you will find it useful in the future. Furthermore, avoid cramming; it will just mess up everything you studied and make it difficult to recall the information you have already retained in your mind during the exam. 

Having a good sleep the night before the exam is crucial. It will help you better focus when taking the exam and make understanding the questions easier. Staying up all night may negatively impact your memory. In addition to getting plenty of sleep, eat well and keep working out or exercising. These activities will maintain your physical wellness and keep you away from unwanted sickness during the midterm exams period.

While taking the exam, read over all the questions and general instructions, if found, carefully. Understanding the question takes you halfway to the answer. One mistake a lot of students do is they stress over the questions that they don’t know the answer to, which costs them time they can’t afford to lose. When you don’t know the answer of a question, move to the next one and come back later. And when a question is worth more points than others, give it more time.

Before handing in your exam, make sure you review your answers. You might find yourself making easy or small mistakes or missing points just because you were writing fast or you were not fully focused. To add, sometimes you can give more detailed answers if you have time, and that is why reviewing the test after you’ve finished it is very important to get the best grade possible.