As easy as 1, 2, 3: How to pack efficiently for a weekend trip


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Two Young Tourists With Backpacks Sightseeing City

Jill O'Brien

Whether there’s a long weekend coming up or you’re skipping your Friday classes to get a head start on cutting loose, going away for the weekend is always fun. What’s not so fun is trying to figure out what to wear during your nights out or days in. Here are a few tips to remember if you’re at a loss for what to pack for a weekend getaway.

Check the weather

This seems like a given, but it can be easy to forget to check the forecast for whatever trip one is taking. The weather in the Midwest can be temperamental, so check the five-day or 10-day forecast for sunshine, showers or any unexpected changes in temperature so you’ve got an outfit no matter what the weather.

Love those layers

Clothes that are easy to take on and off are always nice because you can take a light jacket or flannel shirt off just as easily as you can throw it on. Items like a utility jacket or light parka won’t be too cumbersome if you’re out and about, and won’t feel bulky if the temperature calls for something heavier on top.

Be smart when using suitcase space

Having too many clothes is one thing, but having to shove them all into a too small duffel bag and pulling them out all wrinkled is another. Don’t overdo it; pack items that will be necessities on the trip, and once those items are neatly packed away in a case, pick out the fun stuff. A dress or two for a night out or your favorite fuzzy pajamas will fit just fine if you pack efficiently.