Valentine’s Day: Love your friends

Madison Pincombe

These recommendations should help you know how to treat your friends this Valentine’s Day and beyond. It is also not too late to make your friend’s day with a small gift. Here are some ideas:

  1. A handwritten thank-you note – Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. Such a small act of kindness can truly surprise someone because we hardly ever write thank-you notes. Spend time writing a thank-you to your friend for all of the memories, all they have done for you and for just being them.
  2. A “punny” gift – Pinterest has tons of pun-filled gift ideas. Whether it’s candy, snacks or just a funny card, bring a smile to your friend’s face with a punny gift. This is a throwback to elementary school days and the Valentine’s exchange.
  3. A photo collage – You have shared some pretty amazing times with your friend, so make a photo collage to display memorable moments. All you need are a few pictures and some type of frame. Every time your friend looks at the gift, they will be reminded of your amazing friendship. 
  4. A phone call – Sometimes the greatest gift can be talking to your friend on the phone. This Valentine’s Day, take a moment out of your day to call your friend and show your appreciation.

Don’t forget the importance of loving your friends this Valentine’s Day.