One-day Spring Break trips

Maddie Hocking

College kids are not known for having ample money. Even saving up for extravagant Spring Break vacations can be challenging. Here are a few one-day quick trips to make to still have some fun over Spring Break.

Henry Doorly Zoo – Omaha, Nebraska

According to Google Maps, a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo is 169 miles and can be made in two hours and 37 minutes. According to TripAdvisor, this zoo is ranked the best in the world.

From catching a movie at the Imax theater to viewing all of the exotic animals, it’s easy to spend an entire day at the zoo. 

Mall of America – Bloomington, Minnesota

According to Google Maps, Mall of America is 209 miles away, and the trip will take three hours and eight minutes. Although there are more than 400 stores in the mall to shop at, visitors can view aquatic life in the Sea Life Aquarium or go on a ride at Nickelodeon Universe. With more than 50 restaurants, you can go all day without leaving the mall.

Galena, Illinois

According to Google Maps, Galena is 201 miles away, and the trip will take about three hours and 18 minutes. Galena is a historic town with multiple quirky shops. There are also many tours available, including a ghost tour. Galena was the birth place of our 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant, and there are multiple museums and tours in his honor.