5 ways to commemorate your 2017

Madison Pincombe

It is officially 17 days into 2017 and there is no better time than now to begin commemorating your year. Start collecting memories you will want to remember for years down the road. If you are unsure how to do this, or believe that you are already behind, there are tons of easy methods you can use that will make it worth it to begin no matter when. We’ve picked our five favorites.

Here are some fun, easy and creative ways to begin:

  1. One-second videos – This is a method that many people across the world are taking part in. You simply take one short video (or more if you want) each day for the whole year. Throughout the year, or at the end, you compile all of the videos together, creating a montage of your whole year and detailing the high and low points. There is even an app  called “1 Second Everyday,” that can make this method even easier. The app stitches together your clips and turns it into a video with a great design.
  2. 365 Project – Similar to taking a video every day, one project, the “365 Project” is entirely focused on taking one photo a day for the whole year. This will not only help you remember those special moments but will also improve your photography skills. The website, 365project.org, allows you to upload all of your photos and make amazing collages. You can also do a 365 project on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, or by creating a tweet chain on Twitter.
  3. Memories jar – This method is simple but meaningful. All you need is a jar/bucket/container and slips of paper. Essentially all this entails is each day or whenever a moment stands out to you, you write that moment on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, you will have a jar full of amazing memories. On New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day or any special day toward the end of the year, you can read each slip of paper and reflect on your year.
  4. Then-and-now questionnaire – Start your year by writing down the answers to tons of questions about yourself. Write down everything from who you hang out with, to what your career goals are, to what your favorite food is. Then, on the first day of the next year, answer all the same questions again. This is an awesome way to see how you have changed and how your world has changed. 
  5. Three good things – The benefits of a positive attitude are undeniable and undisputed by science. This method plays off, and all you have to do is write down three good things about your day, every day. Identifying the positives instead of the negatives will change your frame of mind, and writing them down will provide you with something amazing to look back at. 

Doing something that will help you remember your year and beyond is well worth it. No matter which method you choose, when 2018 rolls around, you will be glad that you have something to remember every moment of 2017 and your life in college.