How to land your dream internship


Tyler Coffey/Iowa State Daily

A Power Construction recruiter talks with a prospective intern on Sept. 20. Power Construction is a Chicago-based construction company that recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

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The job search has officially begun. With these tips, you are sure to land that dream job or summer internship.

Refine your resume

Iowa State offers countless workshops to verify your resume is career-fair ready. If you don’t have time to attend one, ask your adviser or an upperclassman for advice.

Find your power suit

Dig out those business professional clothes from the back of your closet and make sure they make you feel as confident as they did the first time you tried them on.

Prepare an elevator speech

First impressions are everything. Make sure you are ready to sell yourself to a recruiter or anyone who could give you your dream internship. With a firm handshake and a solid elevator speech, how could you lose?


In this day in age, having connections is everything. It is so easy to get lost in the pile of resumes, so try to reach out to someone at the company to stand out.

Follow up

When you meet new people, make sure you connect with them after your meeting. Try to reach out to new people at least three times a year to ensure you are memorable.