5 tips to get organized this syllabus week

One way to prepare for the upcoming semester is by purchasing your textbooks over Winter Break.

Lesa Wicks

It’s already that time of year again: syllabus week. Depending on how you did last semester, you may have made some goals for succeeding this spring semester. Because syllabus week doesn’t usually come with much homework, take the week to start getting organized.

Tip 1: Create a binder with a tab for each class. If possible, print the syllabus for each class and stick it with its coordinated tab. As the semester continues, put anything important for each class in the binder, allowing you to keep everything in one spot. 

Tip 2: Create a folder for each class on your desktop. Doing so will keep you from losing important documents later in the semester. 

Tip 3: Possibly the best way to organize yourself as a college student: use a planner. When professors give out syllabi, there are many important dates inside of them. Instead of waiting until the last minute to write down all of your due dates, write them down this week while you still have some free time. When March rolls around, you’ll be glad you wrote down the assignment you completely forgot about. 

Tip 4: Clean your dorm/apartment/room as often as possible. Starting off the semester with a clean space will help you feel relaxed when you begin to feel overwhelmed. 

Tip 5: Make a time grid schedule for the semester including class times, club/activity meetings, work shifts and anything else that is consistent throughout the semester. By making a time grid, you will know when you have a little free time here and there. Hang one copy at your desk and put another in your planner.