Josh Turner brings charm to Hoyt Sherman Place


Jacob Beals/ Iowa State Daily

A look at the Hoyt Sherman Place stage before the Josh Turner show on Friday night. 

Jacob Beals

A crowd nearly packed the house at Hoyt Sherman Place on Friday night for Josh Turner, and he gave his audience a concert to remember with a set full of hits along with some new songs.

Up and coming artist Spencer Crandall opened the show in an exciting manner. His music had a modern country pop vibe to it. He played a few originals and performed covers from current popular artists such as Brett Eldredge and Sam Hunt.

Crandall seemed to be very happy to be opening for Turner, as he expressed his gratitude for receiving the opening gig at one point during his set. The excitement he carried while performing was welcome, and even though his style was different than Turner’s, it was a great way to get the night going.

After a brief intermission, the opening music to “Why Don’t We Just Dance” could be heard, and along with it, many cheers from the crowd. Turner and his band followed the upbeat tune with “Firecracker” and “Everything is Fine.”

Turner and his group carried a lot of positive energy that could be seen on their faces and in their style while performing. They seemed as if they were all good friends just having a fun jam session together.

It was interesting to see how they split up duties in their music as solos were carried out very well. Turner would point the audience’s attention to a particular band member when it was their time to shine in a song.

Both released singles off his upcoming album were played, and he also threw in two more singles that have yet to come out. Turner told the audience about the upcoming record and announced it would be out sometime in March.

Every time one of Turner’s big hits were played, a huge burst of excitement came from the crowd.  Before “Long Black Train” was performed, the room went dark and the sound of a train going by was projected through the speakers. As Turner sang this song, the crowd was brought to their feet clapping and singing. Audience members stayed standing as he closed the show with “Would You Go With Me.”

After Turner and his band exited the stage, it was not long before the crowd’s cheers brought them back out for an encore. Turner closed the night with his hit song, “Your Man,” which ended the set on an upbeat note, similar to how it began.

Turner’s performance at Hoyt Sherman Place was memorable and fun. He gave fans a concert full of charm as he played songs they knew and some new music to look out for.